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Noise_v2 Op


Op author: pandur

White noise pixel effect


Render (Trigger)


Blend Mode index (integer /Number)

index of blend mode in drop down

Alpha Mask index (integer /Number)

use alpha channel of Image Compose

Amount (Number)

opacity of effect

Threshold (Number)
Animated (boolean /Number)

randomize noise every frame/trigger

RGB (boolean /Number)

use colors

Normalize (boolean /Number)

offset values of colors into a -1.0 +1.0 range

Multiply (Object)

multiply values by input texture


Next (Trigger)

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cloned op from Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.Noise.Noise
2022-04-21 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.NoiseV2 renamed to Ops.Dev.NoiseV2
2022-04-21 - pandur
Ops.Dev.NoiseV2 renamed to Ops.Gl.TextureEffects.Noise.Noise_v2
2022-05-23 - pandur
renameOps.Gl.TextureEffects.Noise.Noise_v2 renamed to Ops.Gl.ImageCompose.Noise.Noise_v2
2023-12-06 - stephan