SocketClusterTopicInfo Op


get info for clients listening on a socketcluster topic

Socket Cluster Topic Info gives you information about active clients that are subscribed to a topic.

"active" is defined by the "timeout" parameter, clients that didn't send a message for longer than the timeout will be considered inactive.

after the "soft timeout" clients will be moved to the soft timeout list (and kept in active) until they either reach the full timeout and are deemed inactive or send another message.

if a client has been considered inactive and then sends a new message, it will be moved from the inactive state to active again.

updates and checks happen on every message received and can be manually triggered by the "update" trigger. please be advised that most of this runs asynchronously, so (i.e.) do not count on the timeout progress ending at 1 exactly (might be lower).

the own client appears in NONE of these lists.

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Full Name
  • Ops.Extension.SocketCluster.SocketClusterTopicInfo
  •  Extension Op - Visible to all users
  • MIT
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Socket (Object:socketcluster)

the socketcluster socket

Topic (String)

name of the topic

Timeout (Number:integer )

timeout in ms

Soft Timeout (Number:integer )

soft timeout in ms (should be smaller than timeout)

Retain Messages (Number:integer )

retain x messages of every client, keep this small (but not 0)

Update (Trigger)

trigger updates

Receive My Data (Number:boolean )


Active Clients (Array)

array of active client ids

Will Time Out (Object)

object of clients that will timeout soon, if they do not send a new message. provides lastmessage timestamp, when it will timeout and a progress to the timeout from 0 to 1

Timed Out Clients (Array)

former clients that are not active anymore

Messages (Object)

object of retained messages for every client, with the clientid as a key

Updated (Trigger)

triggers on update of any of the above lists

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created opuser avatarstephan - 2021-05-06 09:29
Ops.User.stephan.SocketClusterTopicInfo renamed to Ops.Net.SocketCluster.SocketClusterTopicInfouser avatarstephan - 2021-05-06 12:01
Ops.Net.SocketCluster.SocketClusterTopicInfo renamed to Ops.Extension.SocketCluster.SocketClusterTopicInfouser avatarstephan - 2022-12-14 08:37
Added toggle to receive my own datauser avatarpandur - 2024-04-15 13:41