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LottieTexturePlayer Op

 extension op - visible to all users


Op author: pandur
Maintained by Team: Lottie

Uses library: lottie for web (lottie for web)

Play a Lottie animation in a texture


exe (Trigger)
File (String)
play (boolean /Number)
wrap index (integer /Number)
flip (boolean /Number)
texture width (integer /Number)
texture height (integer /Number)
scale index (integer /Number)
rewind (Trigger)
speed (Number)
frame (Number)


texture (Object)
Total Frames (Number)

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added lib: lottie_canvas.min.js
2020-02-07 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.LottiePlayer2 renamed to Ops.Admin.LottieTexturePlayer
2020-02-07 - pandur
Ops.Admin.LottieTexturePlayer renamed to Ops.Lottie.LottieTexturePlayer
2020-04-20 - pandur
added lib: lottie.js
2021-07-12 - stephan
Ops.Lottie.LottieTexturePlayer renamed to Ops.Libs.Lottie.LottieTexturePlayer
2022-06-23 - pandur
renameOps.Libs.Lottie.LottieTexturePlayer renamed to Ops.Extension.Lottie.LottieTexturePlayer
2023-06-16 - pandur