AmmoEmitter Op


Emit Ammo physics bodies by triggering

The emitter operator will create a physics object with the specified parameters including velocity and direction. You can create more than one parameter and also remove and limit the number of objects that are created.

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Full Name
  • Ops.Extension.AmmoPhysics.AmmoEmitter
  •  Extension Op - Visible to all users
  • MIT
AuthorMaintained by Team



Exec (Trigger)
Limit Bodies (Number:integer )

maximum number of bodies to create

Radius (Number)

radius of spherical emitted body

Mass (Number)

mass of emitted body

Add index to name (Number:boolean )
Name (String)

name for your emitted bodies

Friction (Number)

friction of emitted object surface

Rolling Friction (Number)

influence roll of emitted object after collision

Restitution (Number)

influence velocity of object after collision (bounciness)

Dir X (Number)

initial velocity on X axis

Dir Y (Number)

initial velocity on Y axis

Dir Z (Number)

initial velocity on Z axis

Speed (Number)

speed multiplier

Spawn One (Trigger)

trigger to emit a physics body

Remove All (Trigger)

remove all bodies

Activate All (Trigger)

activate (wake up) physics simulation for all bodies

Remove Y<-100 (Number:boolean )

if object is below 100 units, remove from array


Next (Trigger)
Total Bodies (Number)

current count of emitted bodies

Positions (Array)

array of XYZ positions

Rotations Quats (Array)

array of quaternion rotations of each object

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created opuser avatarpandur - 2022-05-18 12:01
Ops.User.pandur.AmmoEmitter renamed to Ops.Physics.Ammo.AmmoEmitteruser avatarpandur - 2022-05-18 15:04
renameOps.Physics.Ammo.AmmoEmitter renamed to Ops.Extension.AmmoPhysics.AmmoEmitteruser avatarpandur - 2023-09-14 09:38