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AmmoCharacterFpsCamera Op

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Op author: pandur
Maintained by Team: Ammo Physics

First person camera to use with AmmoCharacter

This specialized camera operator is used with an AmmoCharacter physics body and can transmit direction to the controlled character and affect how the character will move.

You must setup the character name to a matching AmmoCharacter physics body for the camera to correctly attach.

When using this camera with an AmmoDebugRenderer, be sure to place the debug operator under the camera view, to correctly match the writeframe and debug rendering with your scene graphics.


render (Trigger)
Enable pointer lock (boolean /Number)

hide and lock mouse cursor on the canvas

Height (Number)

height of camera placement on Character body

Character Name (String)

Character to attach camera to

Mouse Speed (Number)

mouse look speed

Active (boolean /Number)

activate camera view


trigger (Trigger)
isLocked (Number)

has the mouse cursor been locked (Boolean)

Mouse Left (Trigger)

mouse left click

Mouse Right (Trigger)

mouse right click

Dir X (Number)

direction of camera on X axis

Dir Y (Number)

direction of camera on Y axis

Dir Z (Number)

direction of camera on Z axis

Rot X (Number)

rotation amount on X axis

Rot Y (Number)

rotation amount on Y axis

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created op
2022-03-17 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.AmmoCharacterCamera renamed to Ops.Dev.AmmoCharacterCamera
2022-03-17 - pandur
Ops.Dev.AmmoCharacterCamera renamed to Ops.Physics.Ammo.AmmoCharacterCamera
2022-05-31 - pandur
Ops.Physics.Ammo.AmmoCharacterCamera renamed to Ops.Physics.Ammo.AmmoCharacterFpsCamera
2022-06-07 - pandur
renameOps.Physics.Ammo.AmmoCharacterFpsCamera renamed to Ops.Extension.AmmoPhysics.AmmoCharacterFpsCamera
2023-09-14 - pandur