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AmmoBodyCollision Op

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Op author: pandur
Maintained by Team: Ammo Physics

Check if physics bodies are colliding

This op will allow you to output a Boolean state change (true/false) if the specified physics objects have collided together.
You may also just input a single object name and get a result whenever the object collides with any other physics object in your scene.
Using the "Match" options you can get multiple collisions or collisions of groups (i.e. some ball collides with the southern wall).


update (Trigger)

execute operation

Name 1 (String)

name of physics object

Match Name 1 index (integer /Number)

match name 1

Name 2 (String)

name of physics object (optional)

Match Name 2 index (integer /Number)

match name 2 (if set)


Next (Trigger)


Colliding (Number)

collision detected (Boolean)

Num Collisions (Number)

number of collisions

Collisions (Array)

array of collision objects

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created op
2022-04-01 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.AmmoBodyCollision renamed to Ops.Dev.AmmoBodyCollision
2022-04-01 - pandur
Ops.Dev.AmmoBodyCollision renamed to Ops.Physics.Ammo.AmmoBodyCollision
2022-05-09 - pandur
add matching parameters to name1/name2
2022-10-04 - stephan
renameOps.Physics.Ammo.AmmoBodyCollision renamed to Ops.Extension.AmmoPhysics.AmmoBodyCollision
2023-09-14 - pandur