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OscNumbers Op


Namespace: Ops.Devices.OSC

Op author: andro

Outputs up to 4 numbers from a user defined OSC address

summary (oneliner)

To get OSC data into cables you will need to install Osc2ws (Osc to web socket) from the following repo

After following the instructions make sure that you check the example file to see how the web socket op is set up to receieve OSC data.

The websocket op receives data from osc2ws on port 8000
make sure that your OSC device is transmitting on port 9000 and that it has the same IP address as your computer.



example patch id

youtube id

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related ops


Message in (Object)

Incoming Osc message

Osc Address (String)

Address to filter data from

Learn (Trigger)

Click to learn. Op automatically listens to the next Osc message that comes in


Message through (Object)

Incoming Osc message passed through

Received (Trigger)

Triggers when a message change occurs

Number 0 (Number)

Number out 0

Number 1 (Number)

Number out 1

Number 2 (Number)

Number out 2

Number 3 (Number)

Number out 3

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Patches using OscNumbers


created op
2019-10-08 - andro