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Outputs a number going from `1` to `0`, synced to the music (flash-effect)

summary (oneliner)

Can be used e.g. to create a flash-effect on the first beat of a music track. Good combination with the op Ops.Audio.BPMTap, just connect bpm and the beat1 port of Ops.Audio.BPMTap to beat, connect exe and you are ready to go to bang. On a bang the out-value will be the same as startValue and to the end of the beat interpolate towards endValue. You can also use different easing-methods.



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exe (Trigger)

Executes the op

beat (Trigger)

Typically connect this to the beat1 port of Ops.Audio.BPMTap. Every time a new beat comes in, the bang will start

startValue (Number)

The value where the animation starts when a beat comes in

endValue (Number)

The value where the animation stops, typically towards the end of a beat

bpm (Number)

The bpm (beats per minute) e.g. of an audio track. Used to calculate the length of the animation. Bigger value = faster, slower value = slower

easing index (integer /Number)


bang (Number)

The output of the animation int the range [Start Value, End Value], connect this e.g. to a translate-operator

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Ops.Audio.Bang renamed to Ops.Deprecated.Audio.Bang
2020-07-30 - pandur

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