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RouteArray Op


Namespace: Ops.Array

Op author: andro

Route an array to an output port

If no array is plugged into the default array port then the output is null


index (integer /Number)

Port to route to

array in (Array)

Array to route

default array (Array)

Default array of all other ports


Index 0 array (Array)
Index 1 array (Array)
Index 2 array (Array)
Index 3 array (Array)
Index 4 array (Array)
Index 5 array (Array)
Index 6 array (Array)
Index 7 array (Array)
Index 8 array (Array)
Index 9 array (Array)
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route array example

Route an array to an output port, optional default array can go out of all the other outputs.

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created op
2020-04-27 - andro