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Namespace: Ops.Array
Calculates a user defined mathematical expression with up to 3 arrays and 3 numbers

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Use this op to write your own mathematical functions.

Inputs can be arrays and numbers. Arrays need to be the same length, else the resulting output is null.

Use the inputs' lower-case letters in your expression, i.e:

b*c+sin(a) - x

There are 2 more variables availible for your expression: i and len

i - the current index
len - the arrays' length

For a reference of mathematical functions availible, please refer to the Javascript Math object:



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A (Array)

first input array - use a in your expression

B (Array)

second input array - use b in your expression

C (Array)

third input array - use c in your expression

X (Number)

first number input - use x in your expression

Y (Number)

second number input - use y in your expression

Z (Number)

third number input - use z in your expression


Expression (String)

the mathematical expression to be calculated


Result Array (Array)

the resulting array

Array Length (Number)

the resulting array's length

Expression Valid (boolean Number)

true if the expression is valid, false otherwise

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ArrayMathExpression example:

This is an example patch for the ArrayMathExpression op.



created op
2020-07-23 - simod

Ops.User.cables.ArrayMathExpression renamed to Ops.Array.ArrayMathExpression
2020-07-23 - simod

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