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ArrayFromNumbers Op

Namespace: Ops.Array

Op author: pandur

simple way to create small arrays of numbers


Update (Trigger)

operator must be updated any time you change values in it, or connected to the mainloop op

Limit (integer /Number)

range is 1-30

Slider (boolean /Number)
Index 0 (Number)
Index 1 (Number)
Index 2 (Number)
Index 3 (Number)
Index 4 (Number)
Index 5 (Number)
Index 6 (Number)
Index 7 (Number)
Index 8 (Number)
Index 9 (Number)
Index 10 (Number)
Index 11 (Number)
Index 12 (Number)
Index 13 (Number)
Index 14 (Number)
Index 15 (Number)
Index 16 (Number)
Index 17 (Number)
Index 18 (Number)
Index 19 (Number)
Index 20 (Number)
Index 21 (Number)
Index 22 (Number)
Index 23 (Number)
Index 24 (Number)
Index 25 (Number)
Index 26 (Number)
Index 27 (Number)
Index 28 (Number)
Index 29 (Number)


Next (Trigger)
Array (Array)
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arrayFromNumbers example

Youtube Video Tutorial


created op
2021-05-07 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.MyArrayFromNumbers renamed to Ops.Array.ArrayFromNumbers
2021-05-07 - pandur

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