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FxHash Op

Namespace: Ops.Api.FxHash

Op author: pandur

FxHash simulator / generator of seeded random numbers

How to use:

  1. use random numbers from op
  2. export patch
  3. add official fxhash snippet to index.html
  4. upload to sandbox

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Hash (String)
Randomize Hash (Trigger)


fxhash (String)
fxrand 1 (Number)
fxrand 2 (Number)
fxrand 3 (Number)
fxrand 4 (Number)
Random Numbers (Array)
fxhash environment (Number)
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FX Hash Example


created op
2022-05-03 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.FxHash renamed to Ops.Api.FxHash.FxHash
2022-05-03 - pandur

Patches using FxHash

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