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RandomAnim Op

Namespace: Ops.Anim

Op author: pandur

Animates between random values defined by a min and max value


exe (Trigger)

Trigger the op


min (Number)

Minimum random value that can be generated

max (Number)

Maximum random value that can be generated

random seed (Number)

Random seed. set to 0 for a different seed on each reload. Set to a number to keep the same seed


duration (Number)

How long it takes to animate from the random min and max values

pause between (Number)

Define a pause between each random animation cycle

easing index (integer /Number)


Next (Trigger)

Trigger out

result (Number)

The random animated value

Looped (Trigger)

Trigger out each time the animation reaches its end

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Random Animation Example

Random animation between a min and max value.

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