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BoolAnim Op


Namespace: Ops.Anim

Op author: pandur

animate between two values based on a boolean value

summary (oneliner)

This op allows you to create simple animations with a definable animation time and easing mode. Try combining it with the ToggleBool op.



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related ops


exe (Trigger)

Trigger the op

bool (boolean /Number)

Required to trigger an animation


easing (string /Number)

Easing mode for animation

duration (Number)

How long it takes for the animation to occur

Direction index (integer /Number)

Direction (string /Number)

Can be set to trigger on true and false, only true or only false


value false (Number)

The value to animate to when Bool input' evaluates to false'

value true (Number)

The value to animate to when Bool input' evaluates to true'


trigger (Trigger)

Trigger out

value (Number)

The current value of the animation

finished (boolean Number)

Finished Trigger (Trigger)

Outputs a trigger when the animation has finished

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Bool Animation Linked

Bool anim ops can be linked together to create chained animations.

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