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Namespace: Ops.WebAudio
Holds an audio file / sample in a buffer

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URL (String)

The audio file to load. Mostly you will drag an audio file into the cables window and select it via the file-chooser in the op parameter view. Depending on the browser you use (or user who will see / hear your exported patch) only certain file types can be played back. MP3 seems to be the best supported audio format.


Audio Buffer (Object)

The loaded audio buffer, can be connected to e.g. AudioBufferPlayer

Finished Loading (Number)

True when the file is loaded

Sample Rate (Number)

Samples per second of the PCM data stored in the buffer.

Length (Number)

Length of the buffer, in sample-frames, of the PCM data stored in the buffer.

Duration (Number)

Duration, in seconds, of the PCM data stored in the buffer

Number of Channels (Number)

How many channels the audio file contains, 2 is stereo, 1 is mono

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Audio Buffer v2 example patch:



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2020-09-09 - tim

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