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SwitchNumberOnTrigger Op


Namespace: Ops.Value

Op author: pandur

Sets a specific output value on trigger

summary (oneliner)

Trigger any of the trigger ports to set a specific value. Can be easily used with Ops.Anim.SimpleAnim to animate the value change.



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related ops


Trigger 0 (Trigger)

When triggered Value 0 is used

Value 0 (Number)

The value to use when Trigger 0 was triggered

Trigger 1 (Trigger)

When triggered Value 1 is used

Value 1 (Number)

The value to use when Trigger 1 was triggered

Trigger 2 (Trigger)

When triggered Value 2 is used

Value 2 (Number)

The value to use when Trigger 2 was triggered

Trigger 3 (Trigger)

When triggered Value 3 is used

Value 3 (Number)

The value to use when Trigger 3 was triggered

Trigger 4 (Trigger)

When triggered Value 4 is used

Value 4 (Number)

The value to use when Trigger 4 was triggered

Trigger 5 (Trigger)

When triggered Value 5 is used

Value 5 (Number)

The value to use when Trigger 5 was triggered

Trigger 6 (Trigger)

When triggered Value 6 is used

Value 6 (Number)

The value to use when Trigger 6 was triggered

Trigger 7 (Trigger)

When triggered Value 7 is used

Value 7 (Number)

The value to use when Trigger 7 was triggered

Default Value (string /Number)

Set at the beginning, before any of the trigger ports were triggered


Value (Number)

The value of the most recent input port which was triggered

Last Value (Number)

The value before the last trigger

Triggered (Trigger)

Triggers after any of the input ports were triggered

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Ops.Value.ValueSwitcherTrigger renamed to Ops.Value.SwitchNumberByTrigger
2019-06-12 - pandur

Ops.Value.SwitchNumberByTrigger renamed to Ops.Value.SwitchNumberOnTrigger
2019-06-12 - pandur

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