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Preset Op

Namespace: Ops.Value

Op author: pandur

State management of all parameters connected to it - Create presets of multiple ops

The preset op allows you to capture the current state of all parameters that have been connected to it.

  • To get started add the preset op to your patch.
  • Now click and drag the Create Variable output port to the input port you which to store as a preset. This can be one or more parameters.
  • This will create a variable which is now controllable via the preset op itself.
  • To change those parameters now click the preset op and change them there.
  • When you are happy with the current state click `create new' and give your new preset a name.
  • Continue to do this for as many presets as you'd like.
  • Click the dropdown menu to select a preset.
  • You can now use multiple interpolation modes.

Modes explanation

  • None - Use this to create presets
  • xfade - Allows you to fade between all presets. If you had 5 presets and put the fade amount on 2.25 then the parameters would be 75% of parameter 2 and 25% of preset 3
  • a-b - pick two presets and then interpolate between them with a range of 0-1


data (String)

Used internally by op

sets (String)

Used internally by op

presetid (String)

Used internally by op

Interpolation index (integer /Number)
Interpolation (String)

Interpolation mode - none - xfade - a-b

Preset A (Number)

xfade mode preset A

Preset B (Number)

xfade mode preset B

Fade (Number)

Morph between preset A -B with xfade mode

Preset index (integer /Number)

Manage Presets

Preset (string /Number)

Preset number

Create new (Trigger)

Create a new preset

Update (Trigger)

update current preset to current values

move (Trigger)
Delete (Trigger)

Delete preset

Rename (Trigger)


Create Variable (Dynamic)

Connect this port to a parameter to map it to the preset op

Num Presets (Number)

Number of stored presets

current Preset (Number)
dbg_data (Array)
dbg_sets (Array)

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Preset op example

Youtube Video Tutorial

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created op
2019-07-12 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.Preset renamed to Ops.Value.Preset
2019-07-12 - pandur
fix renaming of presets and parameters
2022-05-24 - stephan