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VizGraph Op

Namespace: Ops.Ui

Op author: pandur

Displays graphs for the numbers on the input port in the patchfield

displays a graph of all the numbers connected to the input ports over time, useful so debug animations and easings


Number 1 (Number)
Number 2 (Number)
Number 3 (Number)
Number 4 (Number)
Number 5 (Number)
Number 6 (Number)
Number 7 (Number)
Number 8 (Number)
Reset (Trigger)

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VizGraph Operator example

Use VizGraph to quickly visualize value changes

Open this example in the editor for more information!

Youtube Video Tutorial

Patches using VizGraph

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created op
2021-05-24 - pandur
Ops.Dev.VizNumber renamed to Ops.Dev.VizGraph
2021-11-25 - pandur
Ops.Dev.VizGraph renamed to Ops.Ui.VizGraph
2021-11-25 - pandur