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SubPatch Op

Namespace: Ops.Ui

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 1 Test

subpatch op

Creates a sub-patch, so you can bundle together certain ops in a group. To define which ports of the ops should be accessible outside you have to connect ports to the dyn port, you can then use them for the inner routing of the sub-patch (via the PatchInput-op).

If you want to make outputs accessible outside the sub-patch, you have to drag a cable to the dyn-port of PatchOutput.

You can rename a subpatch by pressing t after selecting the subpatch or click the topmost title in the parameter panel of the op.


create port (Dynamic)
dataStr (Number)
patchId (Number)


create port out (Dynamic)

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bugfixfix non-connected ports to PatchOutput when creating subpatches
2022-12-14 - pandur