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RouteTrigger Op

Namespace: Ops.Trigger

Op author: tim

Triggers one of the out ports - value index switch case (was SwitchTrigger)


Execute (Trigger)
Switch Value (integer /Number)


Next Trigger (Trigger)
Switched Value (Number)
Trigger 0 (Trigger)
Trigger 1 (Trigger)
Trigger 2 (Trigger)
Trigger 3 (Trigger)
Trigger 4 (Trigger)
Trigger 5 (Trigger)
Trigger 6 (Trigger)
Trigger 7 (Trigger)
Trigger 8 (Trigger)
Trigger 9 (Trigger)
Trigger 10 (Trigger)
Trigger 11 (Trigger)
Trigger 12 (Trigger)
Trigger 13 (Trigger)
Trigger 14 (Trigger)
Trigger 15 (Trigger)
Trigger 16 (Trigger)
Trigger 17 (Trigger)
Trigger 18 (Trigger)
Trigger 19 (Trigger)
Trigger 20 (Trigger)
Trigger 21 (Trigger)
Trigger 22 (Trigger)
Trigger 23 (Trigger)
Default Trigger (Trigger)

This port is triggered when a Switched Value is out of range

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Route Trigger Example

Route trigger triggers one of the output triggers based on the value of the input port.
We use the slider to pick a number between 0-3 which routes the trigger to either draws a sphere, cube, torus or cylinder.

Click anywhere in the patch area and press "f" to turn on the flow-mode to see this taking place.

Youtube Video Tutorial

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Ops.Trigger.SwitchTrigger renamed to Ops.Trigger.RouteTrigger
2019-09-05 - pandur