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TimelineValue Op

Namespace: Ops.TimeLine

Op author: pandur

Animate and get value at "time" of timeline

Allows you to animate a simple value for use with other ops. Use the timeline to keyframe the animation and attach the output to another op you wish to animate. Useful for reusing values or using a single timeline to animated multiple ops.

To sync with other animations, be sure to use Ops.TimeLine.TimeLineTime .
You can also use other ways to animate the time value to playback your keyframes but this is not recommended at the moment.


Time (Number)
Value (Number)

value at "time" in the op's animated timeline

Unit index (integer /Number)


Result (Number)
Anim Array (Array)

all keys in timeline as array2x [time,value,time,value,time,value]

Anim Finished (Number)

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