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TextInput_v2 Op

Namespace: Ops.Sidebar

Op author: pandur

Get a string from an sidebar input field

Let’s you enter a string in the sidebar, which you can then e.g. render in your patch


Link (Object)

Where to attach the sidebar item to (Sidebar / Sidebar Group)

Text (String)

The text label

Default (String)

The default text in the input field

Placeholder (String)
Type index (integer /Number)
TextArea (boolean /Number)

Enables a multi line input field

Grey Out (boolean /Number)

Grey out text input area

Visible (boolean /Number)

Disable visibility for text input field

Clear (Trigger)


Children (Object)

In case you want to add other Sidebar items below

Result (String)

The text which was entered in the input field

Focus (boolean Number)

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TextInput example

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created op
2019-10-10 - pandur
react properly to disconnecting parent
2022-02-03 - stephan