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Namespace: Ops.Patch

There is a newer version of this op!

This version will not receive any updates. It is recommended to use a newer version.

Current version: Ops.Patch.LoadingStatus_v2

get the loading progress, for displaying a loading screen

summary (oneliner)

Useful to display a loading animation while your patch is loading assets (3D-models, audio-files, …).
On the community page a spinner-icon will be shown by default, in the editor and when you export your patch there won’t – this is because you probably want to display your own loading animation. This might change in the future.

writing async loading ops

when writing ops, that load data asynchronously, you should tell cables that something is still loading:

var loadingId=cgl.patch.loading.start('texture' , filename); // loading starts
// load stuff...
cgl.patch.loading.finished(loadingId);  // loading is finished



youtube id


related ops


exe (Trigger)

Executes the op

preRenderTimes (Number)

PreRender Ops (boolean /Number)

Play Timeline (boolean /Number)


finished (Trigger)

Triggers when all assets have been loaded

status (Number)

Value between 0 and 1, becomes 1 when all assets have been loaded

all loaded (Number)

Becomes true when all assets have been loaded

preRenderStatus (Number)

numAssets (Number)

loading (Trigger)

Triggers while there are still assets left to load, use this for your loading animations

loading finished (Trigger)

Triggers once when loading is finished

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Weather API - Example:

Makes a request to the MetaWeather API and displays the current temperature.
We use a CORS-proxy here to overcome security-problems between HTTP and HTTPS.

To change the city run this in your browser:, change the last part (city) and copy the woeid from the response to `Location ID.


Examples using LoadingStatus

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