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CorsProxy_v2 Op


Namespace: Ops.Net

Op author: stephan

create a CORS proxy URL

Prefixes the given URL with the URL of the CORS proxy.
The resulting URL can be used in any request to circumevents Same-Origin-Policy restrictions.
The proxy itself does not store or alter the data received from the server.


URL (String)


CORS URL (String)
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Weather API - Example

Makes a request to the MetaWeather API and displays the current temperature.
We use a CORS-proxy here to overcome security-problems between HTTP and HTTPS.

To change the city run this in your browser:, change the last part (city) and copy the woeid from the response to `Location ID.

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Patches using CorsProxy_v2


Ops.User.stephan.CorsProxy_v2 renamed to Ops.Net.CorsProxy_v2
2019-11-20 - stephan