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ObjectGetArrayValuesByPath Op

Namespace: Ops.Json

Op author: stephan

Outputs all the values of the properties of an array of objects given a path

useful to interate over nested data structures.

the path defines the way to the first object. this op will then try to iterate over the array that contains the object with the given property and return all the values fo each object in the array.

given an object like this:

    "data": [
            "firstName": "Gordon",
            "lastName": "Freeman"
            "firstName": "Eli",
            "lastName": "Vance"
            "firstName": "Alyx",
            "lastName": "Vance"
            "firstName": "G",
            "lastName": "Man"

a path of data.0.firstName will result in this array:



Object (Object)

json object

Path (String)

path to first array field (i.e. "data.0.firstName")


Output (Array)

array of values

Found (boolean Number)

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ObjectGetArrayValuesByPath - Example

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