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QuerySelectorAll Op

Namespace: Ops.Html

Op author: stephan

Selects all matching elements in the DOM

If you want to do something withmultiple elements, you can get it from the DOM using QuerySelectorAll. See – querySelector.


Update (Trigger)
Query (String)

E.g. ".some-classname", '#some-id' or "footer"

Mode index (integer /Number)
Type index (integer /Number)
Document (String)


Elements (Array)

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Example: QuerySelector and QuerySelectorAll

Patches using QuerySelectorAll

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created op
2020-02-19 - tim
cloned op from Ops.Html.QuerySelector_v2
2021-11-16 - stephan
Ops.User.stephan.QuerySelectorAll renamed to Ops.Html.QuerySelectorAll
2021-11-19 - stephan