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PlayerControlPanel_v2 Op

Namespace: Ops.Html

Op author: stephan

simple html ui for timeline/mediaplayers (was: TimeLineUI)

shows a player-ui that can be used to control mediaplayers or the timeline


Length (Number)
Current (Number)
Clamp (boolean /Number)
Is Playing (boolean /Number)
Visible (boolean /Number)
Show Time (boolean /Number)
Show Skip Buttons (boolean /Number)


Play clicked (Trigger)
Pause clicked (Trigger)
Rewind clicked (Trigger)
Skip Back clicked (Trigger)
Skip Forward clicked (Trigger)
Dragged (Trigger)
Current Value (Number)
Dragging (boolean Number)
DOM Element (Object)

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Example UI for timeline-controlled audio playback

a simple setup of an audioplayer to demostrate the usage of the PlayerControlPanel op

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cloned op from Ops.TimeLine.TimeLineUI
2022-09-13 - stephan
Ops.User.stephan.TimeLineUI_v2 renamed to Ops.Html.PlayerControls
2022-09-16 - stephan
Ops.Html.PlayerControls renamed to Ops.Html.PlayerControlPanel
2022-09-16 - pandur
Ops.Html.PlayerControlPanel renamed to Ops.Html.PlayerControlPanel_v2
2022-09-16 - pandur
bugfixfix states and add visible boolean
2022-12-14 - pandur
featureadd "is playing" in-port, add outports for dragging
2022-12-14 - pandur