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DivElement_v3 Op

Namespace: Ops.Html

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 1 Test

Create a html DIV element


Text (String)

text to display within the div

Id (String)

Unique ID of div

Class (String)

class to be accessed from CSS op

Style (String)

write css styling for the div with the built in editor

Interactive (boolean /Number)

Allows interaction from mouse or touch screen

Visible (boolean /Number)

decides if the div is included in the css layout

Convert Line Breaks (boolean /Number)

convert line breaks in text string

Propagate Click-Events (boolean /Number)


DOM Element (Object)
Hover (boolean Number)

outputs a 1 if the mouse hovers over the div

Clicked (Trigger)

Triggers when clicked

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div element

Place an interactive DIV element inside of the canvas which can be modified.

Youtube Video Tutorial

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Ops.Html.DivElement2 renamed to Ops.Html.DivElement_v2
2019-06-12 - pandur
cloned op from Ops.Html.DivElement_v2
2023-02-02 - pandur
renameOps.User.pandur.DivElement3 renamed to Ops.Html.DivElement_v3
2023-02-02 - pandur