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Namespace: Ops.Html
set file dependant on browser

summary (oneliner)

Browsers support file-types differently. E.g. to create a gapless audio loop, you cannot simply loop an MP3 file, you need to create an M4A-file for Safari, an OGG-file for Firefox and an MP3-file for Chrome (and the other browsers). Otherwise the loop will have a tiny, but noticeable gap.
This op let’s you specify filenames specific for each browser. It does not handle loading of files, just the filenames.

Safari on the desktop supports any media the installed version of QuickTime can play. This includes media encoded using codecs QuickTime does not natively support, provided the codecs are installed on the user’s computer as QuickTime codec components.

Safari on iOS (including iPad) currently supports uncompressed WAV and AIF audio, MP3 audio, and AAC-LC or HE-AAC audio. HE-AAC is the preferred format.

Safari on iOS (including iPad) currently supports MPEG-4 video (Baseline profile) and QuickTime movies encoded with H.264 video (Baseline profile) and one of the supported audio types.

iPad and iPhone 3G and later support H.264 Baseline profile 3.1. Earlier versions of iPhone support H.264 Baseline profile 3.0.

To see what Safari supports in detail, click here:



youtube id


related ops


Chrome File (String)

Filename to be used in Googe Chrome

Firefox File (String)

Filename to be used in Firefox

Safari File (String)

Filename to be used in Safari

IE <= 11 File (String)

Filename to be used in Internet Explorer <= 11

Edge File (String)

Filename to be used in Edge

Opera File (String)

Filename to be used in Opera

Default File (String)

Filename to be used if there is no specific file defined for the current browser


Browser Specific File (String)

The filename specific to the current browser

Detected Browser (String)

The detected browser

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BrowserSpecificFile - Example:


  • Uses library: Platform.js (A platform detection library that works on nearly all JavaScript platforms.)
  • Op author: simod


cloned op from Ops.Html.BrowserSpecificFile
2020-10-15 - simod

added lib: platform.js
2020-10-15 - simod

Ops.User.cables.BrowserSpecificFile_v2 renamed to Ops.Html.BrowserSpecificFile_v2
2020-10-15 - simod

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