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VideoTexture_v3 Op


Namespace: Ops.Gl.Textures

Op author: pandur

Play a video file and use it as a texture


Update (Trigger)
file (String)

File to play

play (boolean /Number)

Start playback

loop (boolean /Number)

Loop file when it reaches the end


Volume (Number)

Audio volume

mute (boolean /Number)

mute audio


Update FPS (Number)
Filter index (integer /Number)
Wrap index (integer /Number)
flip (boolean /Number)

Flip the texture


speed (Number)

Speed of playback

set time (Number)

Set time to trigger playback from

Rewind (Trigger)
Preload (boolean /Number)

Load into memory - useful when loading from a URL

Show Interaction needed Button (boolean /Number)


Next (Trigger)
texture (Object)

Texture out

duration (Number)

Duration of loaded media

progress (Number)

Playback progress

Interaction Needed (Number)
CurrentTime (Number)
Loading (Number)
Playing (Number)
Can Play Through (Number)
Width (Number)

Width of texture

Height (Number)

height of texture

Aspect Ratio (Number)
Has Error (Number)
Error Message (String)
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Video Texture example

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Patches using VideoTexture_v3


Ops.User.pandur.VideoTexture2 renamed to Ops.Gl.Textures.VideoTexture_v2
2020-09-14 - pandur
cloned op from Ops.Gl.Textures.VideoTexture_v2
2022-11-28 - pandur
added core lib: interactionneededbutton
2022-11-28 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.VideoTextureV3 renamed to Ops.Gl.Textures.VideoTexture_v3
2022-11-28 - pandur
featurenew output port: shows if user interaction is needed to start
2022-12-14 - pandur
featurenow needs to be triggered to update
2022-12-14 - pandur
featureshow user interaction button to start like audio output op
2022-12-14 - pandur