TextureToBase64_v5 Op


Converts a texture into a base-64 image string

This can be handy if you want to send a texture as an image over an AJAXRequest. Keep in mind that this is a very slow operation, so be careful with performance.

Also note that there is an OP doing the opposite called Base64ToTexture.

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Full Name
  • Ops.Gl.Textures.TextureToBase64_v5
  • Core Op - Official cables op
  • MIT
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Trigger (Trigger)

Trigger to do the conversion, put this behind a TriggerLimiter or TriggerOnce

Texture (Object:texture)

Input texture to be converted

Format index (Number:integer ) PNG  JPEG  WEBP 
Quality (Number)
Output dataUrl (Number:boolean )

Choose whether to export a string that is only a Base64, or already as a DataUrl


next (Trigger)
Binary Size (Number)
Base64 string (String)

The string conversion of the texture

Loading (boolean Number)

Gives you the status of the conversion and whether it has finished

Finished (Trigger)

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featureAdded Binary size output numberuser avatarpandur - 2024-04-02 16:23
improvementUpdate only after texture has changeduser avatarpandur - 2024-05-22 10:51