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TextTexture_v5 Op

Namespace: Ops.Gl.Textures

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 2 Tests

Generates a texture of Text using one of the font ops


Render (Trigger)

trigger input


Draw Mesh (boolean /Number)

check if rectangle with the texture should be drawn

Scale Mesh (Number)

size of the mesh

text (String)

text to be put in the texture


font (String)

the font to be used

weight (String)
fontSize (Number)

font size

align index (integer /Number)
Padding Y (integer /Number)
Padding X (integer /Number)


filter index (integer /Number)
Wrap index (integer /Number)
Anisotropic index (integer /Number)
Reuse Texture (boolean /Number)

check if texture should be reused

Show Debug (boolean /Number)

show outlines for debugging

Text Color

r (Number)

r color of text

g (Number)

g color of text

b (Number)

b color of text

Opacity (Number)

alpha value of texture


background R (Number)
background G (Number)
background B (Number)
background A (Number)


Next (Trigger)

trigger output

Ratio (Number)

width / height ratio of texture

texture (Object)

texture output

Aspect (Number)

aspect ratio of texture canvas

Num Lines (Number)

amount of lines in text

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textTexture example

Youtube Video Tutorial

Patches using TextTexture_v5

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added core lib: cgl_wireframes
2020-08-09 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.Text4 renamed to Ops.Gl.Textures.TextTexture4
2020-08-09 - pandur
Ops.Gl.Textures.TextTexture4 renamed to Ops.Gl.Textures.TextTexture_v4
2020-08-09 - pandur
cloned op from Ops.Gl.Textures.TextTexture_v4
2023-05-17 - pandur
renameOps.Patch.PIabKGw.TextTexture_v4 renamed to Ops.User.pandur.TextTexture5
2023-05-19 - pandur
renameOps.User.pandur.TextTexture5 renamed to Ops.Gl.Textures.TextTexture_v5
2023-05-19 - pandur
renameOps.Gl.Textures.TextTexture_v5 renamed to Ops.Dev.Gl.Textures.TextTexture5
2023-05-30 - pandur
renameOps.Dev.Gl.Textures.TextTexture5 renamed to Ops.Gl.Textures.TextTexture_v5
2023-07-07 - pandur