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SwitchTextures_v2 Op

Namespace: Ops.Gl.Textures

Op author: pandur

Test Patches: 2 Tests

Switch between different textures

Use an integer to switch between different textures


exec (Trigger)

Trigger in

num (integer /Number)

Input port to pick texture from

Default Texture Transparent (boolean /Number)

Enable transparency

texture0 (Object)
texture1 (Object)
texture2 (Object)
texture3 (Object)
texture4 (Object)
texture5 (Object)
texture6 (Object)
texture7 (Object)
texture8 (Object)
texture9 (Object)
texture10 (Object)
texture11 (Object)
texture12 (Object)
texture13 (Object)
texture14 (Object)
texture15 (Object)


Next (Trigger)
texture (Object)

Selected texture output

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SwitchTextures example

Youtube Video Tutorial

Patches using SwitchTextures_v2

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created op
2020-03-06 - pandur