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ShowNormals_v2 Op


Namespace: Ops.Gl

Op author: simod

Test Patches: 1 Test

visualize normals, tangents or bitangents

This op is useful for debugging.

It operates in 3 different modes: Normals, Tangents, Bitangents.


render (Trigger)

trigger input

Draw (boolean /Number)
geometry (Object)

geometry input

Vectors index (integer /Number)

choose either: 0 - normals, 1 - tangents, 2 - bitangents

Length (Number)

length of visualized vectors

Colorize (boolean /Number)

activate to render the vectors with color

R (Number)

R color component

G (Number)

G color component

B (Number)

B color component

A (Number)

transparency component


trigger (Trigger)

trigger output

Line Geom (Object)
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ShowNormals_v2 - example

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Patches using ShowNormals_v2


Ops.User.cables.ShowNormals_v2 renamed to Ops.Gl.ShowNormals_v2
2020-02-19 - simod
featureoutput geometry/toggle if it is rendering itself
2022-12-14 - pandur