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Current version: Ops.Gl.Phong.SpotLight_v5

spot light for phong shading

summary (oneliner)

The spot light basically is a point light, with the difference that you can set an angle to control where the light gets cut off.



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Trigger In (Trigger)

Trigger input

Light Attributes

Intensity (Number)

intensity of the spotlight

Radius (Number)

effective radius of the spot light


X (Number)

X position of the light

Y (Number)

Y position of the light

Z (Number)

Z position of the light

Point At

Point At X (Number)

where the light points at X

Point At Y (Number)

where the light points at Y

Point At Z (Number)

where the light points at Z


R (Number)

diffuse color channel R

G (Number)

diffuse color channel G

B (Number)

diffuse color channel B

Specular Color

Specular R (Number)

specular color channel R

Specular G (Number)

specular color channel G

Specular B (Number)

specular color channel B

Cone Attributes

Cone Angle (Number)

outter cone angle of the spot light

Inner Cone Angle (Number)

inner cone angle (soft shadow area) of the spot light

Spot Exponent (Number)

appearance of the spot light

Falloff (Number)

falloff in respect to effective radius


Trigger Out (Trigger)

Trigger output

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Ops.User.simod.SpotLight_v2 renamed to Ops.Admin.SpotLight_v2
2019-10-09 - simod

Ops.Admin.SpotLight_v2 renamed to Ops.Gl.Phong.SpotLight_v4
2019-11-05 - pandur

Examples using SpotLight_v4

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