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ResetLights Op

Namespace: Ops.Gl.Phong

Op author: simod

reset lights for everything triggered after

Use this op to exclude parts of your render path from the lighting system.


Trigger In (Trigger)

trigger input

Reset Lights (boolean /Number)

check to stop passing lights after this op


Trigger Out (Trigger)

trigger output

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ResetLights example patch

ResetLights OP will block lights for desired objects linked below it.

In this example both a sphere and a torus are affected by a red light.
A toggle in the sidebar will turn off the red light just for the torus, as it is placed below the ResetLights OP.

Patches using ResetLights

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created op
2021-03-03 - simod
Ops.User.simod.ResetLights renamed to Ops.Gl.Phong.ResetLights
2021-03-03 - simod