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Point light for phong shading

summary (oneliner)

The point light illuminates in every possible direction.



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Trigger In (Trigger)

Trigger input

Light Attributes

Cast Light (boolean /Number)

Intensity (Number)

intensity of the point light

Radius (Number)

effective radius of the point light


X (Number)

position x

Y (Number)

position y

Z (Number)

position z


R (Number)

diffuse color channel R

G (Number)

diffuse color channel G

B (Number)

diffuse color channel B

Specular Color

Specular R (Number)

specular color channel R

Specular G (Number)

specular color channel G

Specular B (Number)

specular color channel B

Falloff (Number)

falloff within effective radius

Cast Shadow (boolean /Number)

if activated, light will generate a shadow map to be used with the shadow material extension

Shadow Map Settings

Rendering Active (boolean /Number)

Map Size index (integer /Number)

index of the map size

Shadow Map Settings

Map Size (String)

the size of the generated shadow map, possible values: 256, 512, 1024, 2048

Shadow Strength (Number)

strength of the shadows

Near (Number)

the near value of the shadow camera's frustum

Far (Number)

the far value of the shadow camera's frustum

Bias (Number)

biasing for the shadow comparison, refer to the shadow op for an in depth explanation

Polygon Offset (integer /Number)

polygon offset for the shadow map rendering, refer to the shadow op for an in depth explanation


Trigger Out (Trigger)

trigger output

Cubemap (Object)

generated shadow cubemap output

World Position X (Number)

World Position Y (Number)

World Position Z (Number)

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Ops.User.cables.ShadowPointLightCGL renamed to Ops.Admin.ShadowPointLightCGL
2020-04-28 - cables

Ops.Admin.ShadowPointLightCGL renamed to Ops.Gl.Phong.PointLight_v5
2020-07-29 - pandur

added core lib: cgl_cubemapframebuffer
2021-03-24 - cables

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