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A shaded material for lighting objects

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This is probably the most classic material of them all.

It works stand-alone or in conjunction with the light ops.

The op features 2 different diffuse color models, standard Lambert & Oren-Nayar.
Furthermore, there is a dropdown menu for 4 different specular models:
Blinn-Phong, Schlick, Phong, Gauss.

It also has Fresnel capabilities & emissive color & physical energy conservation of light (if desired).



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Trigger In (Trigger)

Trigger in

Diffuse Color

R (Number)

Diffuse Red Value

G (Number)

Diffuse Green Value

B (Number)

Diffuse Blue Value

A (Number)


Oren-Nayar Diffuse

Enable (boolean / Number)

Albedo (Number)

Albedo of the diffuse color

Roughness (Number)

Roughness of the diffuse color


Active (boolean / Number)

Fresnel Intensity (Number)

Amount of Fresnel effect

Fresnel Width (Number)

Width of Fresnel effect

Fresnel Exponent (Number)

Exponent (Fade) of Fresnel effect

Fresnel R (Number)

Fresnel Red Value

Fresnel G (Number)

Fresnel Green Value

Fresnel B (Number)

Fresnel Blue Value

Emissive Color

Emissive Active (boolean / Number)

toggle to render emissive color

Color Intensity (Number)

intensity of emissive color

Emissive R (Number)

Emissive Red Value

Emissive G (Number)

Emissive Green Value

Emissive B (Number)

Emissive Blue Value


Shininess (Number)

Size of the specular reflection, the greater the value the smaller the reflection

Specular Amount (Number)

Amount of the specular reflection

Specular Model index (integer / Number)


Specular Model (String)

Light Options

Energy Conservation (boolean / Number)

Double Sided Material (boolean / Number)

Falloff Mode index (integer / Number)

Light Options

Falloff Mode (String)


Diffuse Texture (Object)

Diffuse texture input

Specular Texture (Object)

Specular texture input

Normal Map (Object)

Normal Map input

AO Texture (Object)

Ambient Occlusion texture input

Emissive Texture (Object)

Emissive texture input

Opacity Texture (Object)

Opacity texture input

Environment Map (Object)

Texture Transforms

Colorize Texture (boolean / Number)

Diffuse Repeat X (Number)

How often a texture is repeated on the X axis (applied to all textures)

Diffuse Repeat Y (Number)

How often a texture is repeated on the Y axis (applied to all textures)

Texture Offset X (Number)

texture pixel offset on the C axis (applied to all textures)

Texture Offset Y (Number)

texture pixel offset on the Y axis (applied to all textures)

Specular Intensity (Number)

intensity of the specular texture

Normal Map Intensity (Number)

intensity of the normal map

AO Intensity (Number)

intensity of the Ambient Occlusion texture

Emissive Intensity (Number)

intension of the emissive map

Env Map Intensity (Number)

Alpha Mask Source index (integer / Number)

which channel of the alpha texture to use for multiplying

Opacity Texture

Alpha Mask Source (String)

Discard Transparent Pixels (boolean / Number)


Trigger Out (Trigger)

Trigger out

Shader (Object)

Shader out

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PhongMaterial_v5 example:

Example for the PhongMaterial op.



Ops.User.cables.PhongMatNew renamed to Ops.Admin.PhongMaterial_v5
2020-05-14 - cables

Ops.Admin.PhongMaterial_v5 renamed to Ops.Gl.Phong.PhongMaterial_v5
2020-07-29 - pandur

Examples using PhongMaterial_v5

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