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a simple shaded material

This is a simple material to be used with lights.

This material model does not have any specular reflections, it only calculates diffuse lighting.


Execute (Trigger)

Trigger input

Diffuse Color

Diffuse R (Number)

R component of the diffuse color

Diffuse G (Number)

G component of the diffuse color

Diffuse B (Number)

B component of the diffuse color

Diffuse A (Number)

Alpha channel of the diffuse color


Diffuse Texture (Object)

Texture input

Colorize Texture (boolean /Number)

check to colorize texture with diffuse color


next (Trigger)

Trigger output

Shader (Object)

Shader output to be used with i.e. GLTF models

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LambertMaterial example

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Ops.User.cables.LambertMaterial_v2 renamed to Ops.Gl.Phong.LambertMaterial_v2
2020-03-06 - simod