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MainLoop Op

Namespace: Ops.Gl

Op author: pandur

Uses cables by undefined development
Uses glmatrix by toji
Test Patches: 87 Tests

Trigger other ops once every frame to create smooth animations (renderer)

The heart-piece of every WebGL-patch, use this as first op in your patch to trigger the other ops (according to the framerate).

use Ops.Gl.Performance to see statistics about you perfomance


FPS Limit (Number)

Triggers according to your framerate (60 fps on 60hz screens)

Reduce FPS not focussed (boolean /Number)
Reduce FPS loading (boolean /Number)
Clear (boolean /Number)
ClearAlpha (boolean /Number)
Fullscreen Button (boolean /Number)

Show a html fullscreen button

Active (boolean /Number)
Hires Displays (boolean /Number)

Support hires/retina displays

Pixel Unit index (integer /Number)


trigger (Trigger)
width (Number)

width of the canvas/renderer area

height (Number)

height of the canvas/renderer area

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added clear alpha option
2019-06-16 - pandur