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AudioClassifier Op

 extension op - visible to all users


Op author: mick
Maintained by Team: TeachableMachines

Uses library: teachablemachine_tf_speech_image_pose (Library for using models created with Teachable Machine. Includes tensorflow, tensorflow speech models, 'image' and 'pose')

Use the Teachable Machines audio classifier for your microphone. Insert the uploaded model URL.


Trigger In (Trigger)

trigger prediction

Initialize (Trigger)

trigger inizialization of model

Model URL (String)

model base url


Trigger (Trigger)

trigger out

Initialized (Trigger)

init done

classifier (Array)

prediction classes and scores

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TeachableMachines.AudioClassifier - Example

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added lib: teachablemachine_tf_speech_image_pose.js
2020-11-18 - mick
Ops.Api.TeachableMachines.AudioClassifier renamed to Ops.Libs.TeachableMachines.AudioClassifier
2022-06-23 - pandur
Ops.Libs.TeachableMachines.AudioClassifier renamed to Ops.Extension.TeachableMachines.AudioClassifier
2022-12-14 - stephan