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EChartsEvent Op

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Op author: kikohs
Maintained by Team: ECharts

Uses library: echarts.js (Apache ECharts is a powerful, interactive charting and data visualization library for browser)

capture echart-library-events

Using this op you can capture ECharts events:


ECharts instance (Object)

The ECharts instance

Event name (String)

Name of the event e.g "click"

Query string (String)

Ëlement selector e.g ""

Query object (Object)

Optional: More complex selection of elements to bind the event

Refresh event binding (Trigger)

Trigger if the reference to the chart changed or if you add/delete event dynamically


Out Chart (Object)

ECharts instance

Trigger (Trigger)

Event was triggered

Event params (Object)

Event parameters

Dirty (needs rebind) (boolean Number)

Check whether the event needs to be rebounded to the ECharts instance object

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Simple ECharts Example

a simple example on how to use the echarts-library to draw graphs in cables

Youtube Video Tutorial

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created op
2021-03-05 - kikohs
Ops.User.stephan.EChartsEvent renamed to Ops.Libs.EChartsEvent
2021-03-05 - stephan
Ops.Libs.EChartsEvent renamed to Ops.Libs.ECharts.EChartsEvent
2021-03-05 - stephan
Ops.Libs.ECharts.EChartsEvent renamed to Ops.Extension.ECharts.EChartsEvent
2022-12-14 - stephan