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Get mouse coordinates and events

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relative (boolean Number)

If set the position will be relative [-1..1]

normalize (boolean Number)

Active (boolean Number)

smooth (boolean Number)

smoothSpeed (Number)

Area (string Number)

multiply (Number)

flip y (boolean Number)


x (Number)

The x coordinate of the mouse

y (Number)

The y coordinate of the mouse

button down (boolean Number)

True if the mouse button is hold down

click (Function)

Triggers when mouse was clicked / a touch click event occured

Button Up (Function)

Triggers when the mouse was released

click right (Function)

Triggers when the right mouse button was clicked

mouseOver (boolean Number)

True if the mouse is over the canvas

button (Number)

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Mouse Draw Spline Example:

Using the ScreenPosTo3d op we can convert the mouse coordinates to 3D coordinates. For this you need to disable the Flip Y port of the Mouse op.
Using the ArrayPushValue3X op we add the (converted) x and z coordinates (together with z=0) to the array and draw it with the SimpleSpline op.



fixed: wrong coordinates when using HDPI displays
2019-02-22 - pandur

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