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read NRPN value from controller

This op is able to output the index and value of a midi NRPN signal.

In contrast to Note and CC signals, a midi NRPN message's value ranges from 0 to 16383 instead of 0 to 127. This makes NRPN signals more useful for fine-grained control of visual data.

Please refer to as a starting point if you want to know more about it in-depth.

You can press "learn" and then send a NRPN signal from your DAW to automatically assign them to MidiNRPN.

It is possible to normalize the NRPN values (which usually range from 0-16383) to either "0 to 1" or "-1 to 1“.



MIDI Event In (Object)

The in port for the MIDI event

MIDI Channel index (integer /Number)


NRPN Index (integer /Number)

NRPN index

Normalize index (integer /Number)
learn (Trigger)

press to automatically assign NRPN

clear (Trigger)

reset op to default state


MIDI Event Out (Object)

The out port for MIDI event

Trigger Out (Trigger)

triggers whenever an NRPN message is sent

NRPN Index (Number)

NRPN index

NRPN Value (Number)

value output

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