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MidiMonitor Op



detailed information about Midi events being sent

summary (oneliner)

MidiMonitor allows you to monitor incoming midi events.

This is a great little tool to troubleshoot issues that might arise when working with MIDI or to just get a general overview of the midi signals that are flowing into cables.



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related ops



Event (Object)

The in port for the MIDI event


MIDI Event Out (Object)

The out port for the MIDI event

Trigger Out (Trigger)

triggers whenever a midi event is received

Device (Number)

name of the device

MIDI Channel (Number)

the midi channel of the message

Message Type (Number)

the type of the message (CC, Note, NRPN, Clock, ...)

Note (Number)

displays the sent note index if message is a note

Note Velocity (Number)

displays the sent note velocity if message is a note

CC Number (Number)

displays the sent CC index if message is of type CC

CC Value (Number)

displays the sent CC value if message is of type CC

Pitch Bend Value (Number)

displays the sent pitch bend value if message is of type Pitch Bend

NRPN Number (Number)

displays the sent NRPN index if message is of type NRPN

NRPN Value (Number)

displays the sent NRPN value if message is of type NRPN

Program Change Value (Number)

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Midi ops example

This example file demonstrates how to use all the new midi ops.

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Patches using MidiMonitor


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