MidiClock Op


sends out midi clock signals as triggers

This op is able to output a midi clock signal as triggers. It also outputs different musical subdivisions as trigger, ranging from a full note (one bar) to a sixteenth note.

Furthermore you can change the timing of the subdivions to either dotted notes or triplets (e.g. the 1/16 - note becomes a 1/16-note-triplet).

It is also possible to read the current bpm and tick duration from MidiClock.

The subtick output is a counter that goes from 0 - 24 and then resets. In MIDI, a quarter note is represented by 24 clock ticks.

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Full Name
  • Ops.Devices.Midi.MidiClock
  • Core Op - Official cables op
  • MIT
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This example file demonstrates how to use all the new midi ops.

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MIDI Event In (Object)

Input for the midi clock event, use the clock output of MidiInputDevice2

Timing index (Number:integer )


MIDI Event Out (Object)

The out port for the MIDI clock event

Tick Out (Trigger)

Outputs a trigger every tick

Clock Start (Trigger)

Outputs a clock start signal

Clock Stop (Trigger)

Outputs a clock stop signal

Clock Continue (Trigger)

Outputs a clock continue signal

BPM (Number)

read the current bpm as a number

Tick Duration (Number)

tick duration in milliseconds

Sub Tick (Number)

current subtick (value between 0 - 24)

1/1 (Trigger)

outputs a trigger every bar (dotted: 1.5 bars, triplet: full-note triplet)

1/2 (Trigger)

outputs a trigger every half note (dotted: trigger every 3/4, triplet: half-note triplet)

1/4 (Trigger)

outputs a trigger every quarter note (dotted: trigger every 3/8, triplet: quarter-note triplet)

1/8 (Trigger)

outputs a trigger every eigth note (dotted: trigger every 3/16, triplet: eigth-note triplet)

1/16 (Trigger)

outputs a trigger every sixteenth note (dotted: trigger every 3/32, triplet: sixteenth-note triplet)

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