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MidiChord3 Op



Map 3 midi notes to values

This op is able to output the note numbers and velocities of up to 3 different midi notes at once. Useful when playing chords.

You can press "learn" and then play the notes on your midi-keyboard / in your DAW to automatically assign them to MidiChord3.

It is also possible to normalize the velocity values (which usually range from 0-127) to either "0 to 1" or "-1 to 1".



MIDI Event In (Object)

The in port for the MIDI event

MIDI Channel index (integer /Number)


Note 1 index (integer /Number)
Note 2 index (integer /Number)
Note 3 index (integer /Number)
Normalize Velocity index (integer /Number)
learn (Trigger)

Press to learn notes

reset (Trigger)

Reset the learned values


MIDI Event Out (Object)

The out port for the MIDI event

Trigger Out (Trigger)

Triggers whenever one of the chosen notes is played

Note Out 1 (Number)
Velocity 1 (Number)

Outputs first note's velocity

Gate 1 (boolean Number)

true when first note is played, false when not

Note Out 2 (Number)
Velocity 2 (Number)

Outputs second note's velocity

Gate 2 (boolean Number)

true when first note is played, false when not

Note Out 3 (Number)
Velocity 3 (Number)

Outputs third note's velocity

Gate 3 (boolean Number)

true when third note is played, false when not

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