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Compressor audio effect

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The DynamicsCompressorNode interface provides a compression effect, which lowers the volume of the loudest parts of the signal in order to help prevent clipping and distortion that can occur when multiple sounds are played and multiplexed together at once. This is often used in musical production and game audio.

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audio in (Object)

The audio signal you want to compress

threshold (Number)

How loud the signal has to be before compression is applied.

knee (Number)

Sets how the compressor reacts to signals once the threshold is passed.

ratio (Number)

How much compression is applied. For example, if the compression ratio is set for 6:1, the input signal will have to cross the threshold by 6 dB for the output level to increase by 1dB.

attack (Number)

How quickly the compressor starts to work.

release (Number)

How soon after the signal dips below the threshold the compressor stops.

exe (Trigger)

Only needed to update the Reduction port, has no effect on the compression


audio out (Object)

Compressed audio signal

reduction (Number)

How much the audio input is reduced

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Ops.WebAudio.DynamicsCompressor renamed to Ops.Deprecated.WebAudio.DynamicsCompressor
2020-12-21 - pandur

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