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Scatter an object on the surface of a mesh with different distribution methods

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Use various distribution methods to place many instances of a geometry along the surface of a mesh.
The following distribution modes are available:

  • VERTEX - Will only add an instance to a vertex point
  • TRIANGLE CENTER - Adds an instance to the center of a triangle
  • TRIANGLE SIDE - Adds an instance to the sideof a triangle
  • RANDOM TRIANGLE POINT - Adds an instance to a random point inside a triangle



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Render (Trigger)

Trigger in

draw (boolean /Number)

If enabled renders the instanced geometry

Num (integer /Number)

Amount of randomly placed instances

Geom Surface (Object)

The geometry to be used for the surface scatter

Geometry (Object)

The geometry to be instanced across the surface

Distribution index (integer /Number)

Selection index (integer /Number)


Random Seed (Number)

Random seed for RANDOM selection


Size min (Number)

Minimum size of instanced geometry

Size max (Number)

Maximum size of instanced geometry

Limit (boolean /Number)

Enable limit on amount of shapes

Limit Num (integer /Number)

The maximum amount of geometry to be instanced

Random Rotate (boolean /Number)

Randomly rotate the instanced geometry along the surface


Positions (Array)

Array out of positional data from the instances

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created op
2019-03-18 - pandur

now works with non indexed geometries
2019-08-30 - pandur

Ops.Gl.SurfaceScatterInstanced_v3 renamed to Ops.Deprecated.Gl.SurfaceScatterInstanced_v3
2020-07-30 - pandur

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