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WebShare Op

Namespace: Ops.Browser

Op author: pandur

Opens a sharing dialog to share text and images

some browsers (mostly mobile) support the native web-share-api and open a sharing dialog that let's you select an app to share content with.

when triggered, this op opens the sharing dialog on browsers that support the api.

some browsers (i.e. firefox mobile) do not implement sharing files at the moment, the op will fall back to sharing without and image in these cases.

if you do this in/from an iframe make sure you allow the "web-share" feature to make this work on firefox.

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Text (String)

text to share

URL (String)

url to share


Base64 File (String)
Data URL (String)
Filetype (String)
Filename (String)
Share (Trigger)


Status (String)


Supported (Number)

true/false for browser support of web-share-api

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created op
2022-03-22 - pandur
Ops.User.pandur.WebShare renamed to Ops.Dev.WebShare
2022-03-22 - pandur
Ops.Dev.WebShare renamed to Ops.Browser.WebShare
2022-05-09 - pandur